Thinking Bout the Site

If I'm going to have a blog and update it frequently, and allow people to subscribe to it via RSS, automation is vital. I can't do that stuff by hand. (I've never heard somebody brag about a lovingly hand-coded, manually updated RSS feed. Though who knows… Somebody probably has. Hell, I could make one for this site right now! That'd be a trip…)

But anything else, anything static… it's fine that it be static. Like the Inktober stuff right now, there's no longer any "source code" for that. (There once was, but I don't use it anymore.)

In the long term, well, tools get abandoned. Language versions get deprecated. Libraries become unmaintained. Everything in the site which is dependent on a particular framework or whatever, is by that very dependence fragile.

Software rots. The smarter the software, the more savage the rot. The dumber, the more resistant.

(And I'm playing with Markdown now)