Goblin World: The Beguiler

After seeing a reference to it on Story Games, I found out about this cool Apocalypse World hack: Goblin World. I’ve loved goblins at least since about 1980, when my first exposure to roleplaying games took place at a summer program for kids where they exposed us to different games; I was given a copy of the Tunnels & Trolls solo dungeon “Goblin Lake” to take home, and soon got into Tunnels & Trolls in general.  So goblin player-characters were kind of my gateway drug to RPGs.

Anyway, there are already some fun illustrations contributed by GW player “Epic Fail,” and I wanted to contribute, so I’ve come up with a couple that I want to display here.  Today’s is the Beguiler, one of the types of Shaman you can play in Goblin World. The idea of a goblin trying to beguile somebody with magic amused me mightily.

Goblin World: Beguiler

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