Pulpy Space Princess with Raygun

photo 1

This was done using Adobe Ideas on the iPad.  Last couple days I’ve been drawing using some of the techniques and ideas of Burne Hogarth’s Dynamic Figure Drawing. Hogarth’s figure-drawing style is this kind of stylized, unrealistic old-timey-comic-book drawing.  It’s fun to inhabit that world for a while.  You soften it a bit and give it a little more life and you get something sorta-kinda-Frazetta-ish.

Unusually I started this one from blobs, not lines.  I took a really large marker tool and set it to mostly transparent and kind of blobbed out the form of the figure, then did another layer of fine scribbly linework on top of that.  Then I did the thick-line layer over that (why such thick lines?  Why not.  Arbitrary choice) and hid the previous two layers.  Then just out of curiosity I picked that large-mostly-transparent marker up again and did a layer of shading. I think it came out really nice, if cheesy.

Snorri and Captain Trucius

Welcome, my boon companions! My latest artistic exploits appear in the new swords and sorcery PDF-zine, Worlds Without Master, about which you can read more here.  If you find yourself moved to buy a copy, and find out why these gentlemen seem so unimpressed with each other, do use this link to purchase it.  If you do so, my light fingers will lift a few coppers from your offering, unnoticed, before the rest of it clinks into Epidiah’s coffers.  If you would view the process by which this was drawn, scroll down further, where I’ve attached a video of the creation process.  (This was done on Procreate for the iPad, which automatically creates a video of the drawing as it progresses.)

Snorri And Trucius

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